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Helping you make decisions you will never regret.
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Founded in 1994

Capital Choice Advisors was founded in 1994 for the purpose of being a truly independent objective voice and educator on Wealth Management issues. We have successfully served individuals, professionals and business owners in the safest most effective ways for growing and protecting one’s wealth by making financial decisions you won’t later regret.

Savings & Retirement

Includes asset positioning along with the sequencing of withdrawals in order to maximize income potential and future growth.

Zero Risk Investments

Includes researching hundreds of options to ensuring you have the most suitable investments for your individual situation with zero risk to your principal.

Asset Protection

Includes positioning and ownership issues in order to minimize estate, income and capital gains taxes, as well as the exposure of assets to judgments, creditors, divorce and malpractice.

Long Term Care

Learn alternative ways to provide for this unknown expense.

Tax Free Income

Includes reviewing assets, as well as liabilities to ensure that you are not paying more taxes either unknowingly or unnecessarily.

Borrow Smart: Mortgage & College Funding

The most economical and effective ways to borrow for your home mortgage and your college funding.

We didn’t know before Bob that we could invest without risk and receive income without owing taxes.

Michael Gutowsky


Robert Sayman is a leading FIVE STAR Wealth Management expert with more than 25 years of senior level experience. He is an inventor, author, speaker, and educator on wealth management who has worked with business owners and professionals on the most effective, tax efficient ways to manage one’s wealth.

Bob specializes in retirement income maximization, asset protection, tax advantaged investments with principle protection, along with optimizing the tax advantages and wealth building opportunities from owning your own business. Bob focuses on RISK-FREE, TAX-FREE INVESTMENT OPTIONS that have delivered 0 to 13% returns annually. Bob is an advocate for Independent Thrid Party Active Portfolio Management and Commercial Real Estate investments for diversification, income & wealth building.

Bob’s career path may be unique when compared to other Financial Advisors. Bob served over 20 years as a top senior executive for two Fortune 500 companies, Dupont and Shaw Industries, and CFO or publicly help Aldon Industries. While at Shaw, Bob received 2 US Patents for his inventions on randomly coloring file fabrics.

Bob is respected for his commitment to charities and has raised millions of dollars for some of the countries leading foundations. Bob lives in Pensacola. He has 3 children and 8 grandchildren.

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